mELTing Pot Silver Jubilee Edition 2015

Publication of IATEFL-Hungary

Co-operation in Teaching Associations (CITA) organised a 4-day workshop on CLIL teaching in the Lithuania University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius on June 29 to July 3, 2015. Lithuania (LAKMA) was organising and leading the course, but members of the other two associations, APABAL from Mallorca and IATEFL-Hungary, were also involved in the teaching of the course. The course was designed to give members of our associations – 10 CLIL teachers from all levels of education selected from each country – an overview of up-to-date CLIL methodology with an emphasis on practical techniques delivered by experts in the field. Another important aim was for the participants to learn from each other by working together, and the outcome of the course was a CLIL lesson created and given by groups made up of teachers from each country while the other teachers became the ‘pupils’ for each lesson. The lessons were extremely enjoyable and the whole course was a huge success both socially and professionally, a fact reflected in the very positive feedback given by the participants. Below you can read some of the feedback given by the 10 Hungarian participants after the course.

For more information, please click the link below: CLIL


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