Building regional branches with planting trees

Planting trees is not only a follow-up to the environmentally conscious theme of the past events in our association, but also represents our growing community around the country which we want to nurture. At these events we connect old and new members, colleagues, language schools, publishers and other supporters.

IATEFL-Hungary planted eight trees in 2015 in Szombathely, Balatonfüred, Gödöllő, Veszprém, Pécs, Szeged and Kecskemét and two in 2016 in Nyíregyháza and Győr. In co-operation with the Széchényi University, it also marked the start of the Győr Regional Branch – an event so dear to our hearts, as we all know very well that branches are the only option to reach (out to) colleagues based elsewhere than Budapest.

We invited all teachers and learners of English to join us for this festive event, which was combined with a one-day mini conference.

We plan to repeat the event in other cities in the future, to fulfil our goal, to grow strong and grow together.


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